In today’s digital world, the development of your own business application has become a general trend and even a must-have. To grow your business, you need to keep up with the latest trends. A mobile application reveals many possibilities depending on its functions and the purposes for which it was created. Some companies order this software to simplify and speed up internal operational workflows, while others focus on expanding the target audience, increasing brand loyalty, sales and, therefore, getting more profit. And the beauty industry is a good example of how app introduction becomes a necessity in a highly competitive market. Let us see in more detail what you win when you put your beauty business online.

Advantages of digitizing your salon

No matter if you are running a small nail studio or a big hairdressing salon with a variety of branches, the mobile application will make all the business processes more productive.

  • You get a powerful communication channel with your customers. Sending push-up notifications, providing information about special offers, discounts and promotions motivate your customers to use your services more often.

  • Increasing of a customer loyalty. People like attention, and your customers are no exception. Continuous interaction with your customers make them feel special, and their trust in you grows.

  • Brand awareness. The development of a business application also contributes to the fact that more and more people get to know about your brand. It works as a kind of advertisement for your services – your brand becomes more recognizable and your reputation grows in such a way.

  • Attracting and retaining an audience. Your customers will start recommending your application to their friends and acquaintances, thereby, attracting new customers. By sending relevant and useful information, you expand your reach.

  • Optimization and automation of business processes. Besides marketing benefits, the application controls the work of employees, simplifies all daily activities, increases productivity.

With this software, you will easily leave your competitors behind. By offering your customers a multifunctional and convenient mobile application just for their needs, you will take a good step forward in the market.
You will need to understand the needs and preferences of existing clients to win their loyalty. And implementing a mobile app for beauty salons is the right approach in this case.

beauty business online

  • You get a powerful communication channel with your customers. 

  • Increasing a customer loyalty. 

  • Brand awareness. 

  • Attracting and retaining an audience. 

  • Optimization and automation of business processes. 

  • With this software, you will easily leave your competitors behind. 

Design an app for a beauty salon

Modern digital solutions become more and more universal. And if you plan to build a mobile app for your beauty salon, you do not need to wait today. You can rent a ready-to-use application and customize it as you wish. You will get a software that has a separate block for all parties involved in the business:

Admin panel for the salon owner

It offers features each entrepreneur needs for successful business functioning:

  • Control your business remotely, no matter if you own a small nail salon or big barbershop chain;

  • Business analytics, customer return, employees’ efficiency;

  • Automated work distribution.

Application for masters and branch managers

The automation of the everyday work of a master is equal to the higher profits of the whole company. The staff will get the following benefits with the management system for masters:

  • Significant time savings on routine tasks;

  • Personal schedule of the master in the mobile application;

  • Portfolio of the best works;

Booking application for the users

Reservation app for salons will attract more audience since users appreciate the direct interactions with the masters.

  • Convenient and intuitive user interface;

  • The ability to book appointments online;

  • Push-up notifications and reminders;

mobile app for beauty business

The winning feature of this ready-to-use solution is that it will become your personal application that will fully match your brand characteristics. Our designers will customize it according to your brand colours extremely fast and our development team (guided by the Project Manager) will launch the final version on the App Store and Google Play behalf on you with its further support and updates.

Creating a mobile app for a beauty salon makes daily operations more efficient.

Instead of doing tedious tasks that your app can handle, such as scheduling appointments, you will be able to spend more time working in the salon.

By following these guidelines, you will not have to worry about having an empty appointment book anymore. If you already have a website, you can consider converting your website into a native app with us.