The real estate industry has always been very active. The number of clients, property objects, purchase and sale operations, rental of residential and non-residential premises is continuously growing. And business owners and real estate agents find it difficult to keep all the information in manual records and head. The introduction of real estate business management software becomes inevitable. It looks an easy task to complete, as web agencies offer multiple digital solutions for all types of businesses today. But each of them has its pros and cons. So let us see what type of software will work the best for the real estate segment and how to digitize real estate business without huge investments.

Main Features of Real Estate Management System

Finding a proper program for real estate agencies is both simple and difficult. There are so many digital solutions on the market today that you may be easily confused. So at first, you need to know what key characteristics this software should have. The main objective of the program is to boost the efficiency of realtors' work. You should be able to access the program from any device - PC, tablet, smartphone- and from anywhere in the world with Internet access. The software should allow you to move the following operations online: 

  • Creating a catalogue with real estate objects and their detailed description.
  • Building your client base with information on customer preferences.
  • A quick search of real estate proposals suitable for clients.
  • Implementing customer notifications.
  • Placing ads on advertising platforms and keeping them up to date.
  • Direct communication between customers and realtors with the possibility to organize video tours.
  • Monitoring of the real estate market for the search for new real estate objects and new clients.

Main Features of Real Estate Management System

Types of Real Estate Software

There are several types of programs that can automate the everyday routine of the real estate agency.

  • CRM systems. It is a class of programs that can simplify most of the tasks of a realtor. Simple CRM systems allow you not to miss significant dates, remind you of important deals, keep a log of all interactions with customers, from the first call to the sale. More sophisticated CRM systems provide statistical and analytical functionality. A CRM system for the real estate industry includes special features like property object catalogue, tables, reports.
  • ERP system. This software type is more advanced. ERP systems connect everything into a single network: document flow, administration tasks, accounting, advertising department, HR department, IT department, company website.
  • Mobile applications. This is the most innovative solution for real estate agencies. The most valuable feature of the application is the non-stop real-time communication between agents and customers. Besides, it is the most affordable software you can get on the market today.

How to Make an App for Real Estate?

Despite the common belief that implementing an app for your real estate company costs a fortune, you can do it fast and at a very attractive price. A lot of web agencies offer ready-to-use products that can be easily adapted to your needs. A common app includes separate panels for all parties involved in the process of purchase and sale of property objects:

  • A panel for users that can be freely downloaded. It provides convenient access to the catalogue and direct connection with realtors.
  • A portal for realtors. Your agents will have all information available on their smartphones. The app will considerably improve the productivity of every employee.
  • A panel for business owners. It will provide all possible reports and analyses of the company performance. 

Build app for real estate to stay a step ahead of your competitors.