The beauty industry is spreading rapidly, therefore it is getting harder to manually supervise the work of one or several branches. Dozens of services provided by numerous masters and quite a few managers getting lost in tons of customers' cell phone numbers - this is getting old. But what if all of that could be optimized with specifically designed management software?


Barbershop is a great way to unite business owners, branch managers, and customers of any barbershop, nail-art salon, or hairdressers, whether there is only one or a whole set of branches. In brief, this solution is a set of three: a web portal used by the business owner, an app for branch managers, and an app for customers. 

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App for branch managers


Barbershop App for managers is a practical tool to keep an eye on a salon, it’s employees, and customers. Also, several branches can be assigned to one manager, so its easier to overlook more than one salon in a few clicks.


In this application managers can:


  • Check out the general calendar and personal calendars of all of the masters, where bookings are briefly described, including the customer’s name, the service picked and the master providing it.
  • Register new customers by simply adding their name and phone number, create, edit, and delete bookings for them, as well as for existing customers.
  • Switch between several branches 
  • Add Photo Albums to each master to show their best works
  • See masters ratings
  • The primary purpose of the app is to help the manager execute and control all the processes. It is designed to help streamline the work of a salon, handle resource, reputation, customer, and employee management. Managers’ profiles are created by business owners in the Web Portal tool.


Web Portal for Business Owners


Whether you own a nail-art salon or a chain of barbershops, it is always a challenge to keep track of all the activities going on. Technology has come a long way to offer technical solutions to our problems. Web Portal offers:


  • Detailed monthly analytics of the earnings and customers of each branch separately
  • Access to bookings calendar synchronized with the managers' calendar
  • Adding bookings, services 
  • Registering customers, masters, and managers' profiles, adding new salon branches. Managers' accounts can only be created by a business owner
  • Setting up announcements, reminders, and other notifications for customers
  • Adjusting working hours and days off


This web portal is a wholesome business management software and company management system that has everything a business owner needs. 


Not only this set is useful to a service providing side, but for customers either.

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App for customers


The customers' app works in tandem with the managers' application and the business owner web portal so that all the information about available time and working hours is up-to-date. It allows users to book a service for the most convenient time and place if there is more than one branch.


Top features:


  • Book a service by plainly picking the date, service, master, and time in the calendar
  • Leave a review of your experience and look through other clients' reviews
  • Receive updates and reminders of upcoming bookings
  • Reschedule the booking in a few clicks


It's a customer service that is comfortable and easy to navigate, and this can power up any business.

Appus Barbershop Set


This is basically a package that includes not simply the three main tools but also management and support all the way while you are using it. So do not be concerned about that - your management software is in good hands.

  1. Custom iOS&Android app for a Customer, designed in your corporate colors, following your brand style, and having your logo placed (for monthly or annual usage). 
  2. Web Portal for a Business Owner to give you the ability to manage the customers/managers/masters, get prompt analytics (for monthly or annual usage). 
  3. Custom iOS&Android app for a Branch Manager to allow your branch managers to supervise masters' appointments and schedule.
  4. Tailored landing web-page, optimized for your business needs (optional, in case you've already got one for your company; for monthly or annual usage). 
  5. Production infrastructure, hosting, publishing the app on iTunes&Google Play stores, support, and maintenance of the mobile apps while you're using them. 
  6. A dedicated team of the Project and Quality Assurance Managers, who'll control the support and maintenance of your mobile apps and web portal.

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All set!

The mind-blowing tools raising business rankings to the top, making it innovative, and bringing customers and employees closer, will not leave any business owner indifferent. Developed by Appus studio, they can become a part of your life. Interested in our Barbershop set? Feel free to contact us to find out more details.