Backend web development services

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To develop a high-performance backend for admin panels, websites, and web-based applications, our team uses an LNMP stack, which is an archetypal model of web service solution stacks, represented by an acronym of the names of its original four open-source components:

  • NGINX HTTP Server
  • MySQL or PostgreSQL; (RDBMS)
  • PHP programming language

Linux OS

By using this widely popular programming language we are able to develop the basis of your website, like the login system, forums, e-commerce payments, picture galleries, surveys, WordPress plugins and a whole lot more. PHP solutions are becoming more popular, so demand for solutions of the kind is growing steadily.

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If you're interested in the most effective solution for implementing online features, our team proposes the Node.js engine. We use this very powerful framework to develop intensive web apps like single-page applications, video streaming sites, chat, and other real-time web solutions.

MySQL / PostgreSQL

It's important to have a secure & reliable database that is designed well and has sufficient capacity to support large numbers of users and requests from the client side. Two of our favorite solutions are MySQL and Postgre. Both are powerful enough to support complex projects and flexible enough to ensure quick work.

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Laravel is our favorite framework that we use to create websites or web-based mobile apps, as it is approachable and powerful. It provides all the tools required for building large, robust, stable applications and it's also suitable for small, quick projects.