Few ideas for mobile app that we can build for You

There are a lot of different features and services which can make your app better and raise the user experience to new levels. If you want to implement some unique elements or update an existing app with new features, our team can propose some of the following points:

Maps and geocoding

The popularity of digital maps & the use of digital mapping tools in mobile apps is growing rapidly, and now location-based services are an integral, important part of the smartphone experience.

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  • iPhone screen with the image of the person on it.

Online video calls

Make one-to-one or group calls with friends, family or colleagues using your mobile device. As additional features it's also possible to integrate audio messages, video messages, photo sharing and text messages with emojis.

Real-time apps

Apps that can facilitate real-time access and sharing of information are real-time mobile apps. Cloud apps that enable real-time data sharing on a variety of remote devices are excellent examples of real-time mobile apps.

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Online payments

Mobile payment apps run on your mobile device and let you accept payments from customers, clients and friends on the go. Your choice of payment method will depend on your view of the security and convenience equation.

Social networks

A social networking app is really the easiest way to stay connected with your friends. It is one of the most popular activities on mobile devices, along with taking photos and video, text messaging or playing games.

  • People and social networks images.
  • iPhone screen with the equalizer on it.

Audio processing

Transform your device into a full–featured DJ system which supports all main audio formats. We can include a separate engine for performing live music, recording mixes on the go, or an Automix mode to create a seamless mix automatically.

Video processing

Record an amazing movie by applying unique themes, matching titles, transitions, video filters and music. It's also possible to enhance your movie with such features as picture-in-picture, fast forward, slow motion, and split-screen effects.

  • iPhone screen.
  • iPhone screen with the image on it.

Photo processing

We can integrate a large selection of filters into the application to convert your images to black and white, add blur effects, apply textures, and otherwise improve the mood of the images.

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