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GeoPhoto HD - Video & Photo

GeoPhoto HD

GeoPhoto – This application was created for the management of photos from Google Photo. With its help, users can see the pictures on a map within coordinates and create the time or place albums.

GeoPhoto HD video poster

Used technologies

The Image for Apple Maps
Apple Maps
Cocoa controls logo
Cocoa controls
The image of Firebase logo
iOS official logo
SWIFT language logo
Xcode icon
Right arrow
Presentation picture

Project team

Caricature of iOS developers
iOS developers
Caricature of Project manager
Project manager
Caricature of Quality_assurance
Caricature of UI designer
UI designer

Archived results

The picture of iPhone
Developed app for iPhone platform
The picture of iPhone screen with map.
Integrated Apple/Google maps and code for geo position processing
The icon for photo
Integrated code for photo processing
The picture of UI design tools
Created UI design
The picture of videocamera
Integrated code for video processing