Project management tools

We understand that the development process should be absolutely clear and open from your perspective. Therefore we use our own internal management system which includes many helpful and effective tools, such as:
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Ticketing system

You can easily track the creation process, as we provide access to our ticketing system so you can oversee all tasks that have been assigned to developers, designers, and the QA team, as well as their status. Also, you can communicate with the manager who leads the project through the ticketing system, and request a project status update at any time.

App versions storage

You can easily access a list of internal builds and download a product version to your smartphone or tablet just with one click. Also, we will send you email notification with a link for downloading the app when it's ready, to be sure that you don't miss the latest updates.

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Test Cases

To develop a high quality and stable product, our QA team uses a detailed test plan and test cases. You will have access to a test plan page and see its status and comments from our testers. Also, bug reports from the QA department will be available, so you can easily keep an eye on how the process of development is going.


After analyzing your project documentation, our team will generate a list of milestones. Each milestone will have a completion date and a list of items to be implemented within that milestone. This is a plan of the development process and you will have access to it on a separate page in our system.

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When working on an Hourly Rate basis, at the end of each week our developers will provide weekly time-sheets with a detailed explanation of archived results and the amount of time spent. Each time-sheet will be published and available to you in our management system.


There is a separate page in our management system where you will be able to check the history of your payments, see new invoices and release funds with one click. It's also possible to make payments via PayPal, and this process is as easy as making a purchase in an online store.

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