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Wireframes creation is really important thing in app development process, similar like a plan for building a house. So let's try to understand more thoroughly how this process will occur:
  • Handmade sketches of iPhone app.

Summarizing your idea

Our project manager will discuss the basic requirements and project scopes with you. This helps us to understand your vision of the app and avoid possible misunderstandings in future. After finalizing any unclear points, our designer will provide a rough sketch and any new ideas from our side which might be helpful.

Basic wireframe

When you confirm the provided sketch, Appus designer will be able to work on a general UI design for your project and compose mobile application or website wireframes. You can check the basic project screens and the approximate UI.
  • The examples of Basic wireframes on iPhones' screens.
  • The example of App wireframes on iPhone screen.

Application wireframes

The next step is creation of detailed wireframes.
At this stage, the UI designers will integrate connections between screens which show the mobile app or website logic. Also, wireframes describe how people will interact with your project so you can see the user experience.

Flowchart development

After the mobile application or website wireframes are finalized, our UI designer can start creating the project flowchart. Basically, this is a pattern which describes the project algorithms and displays the functionalities of each screen. You may see the example of a flowchart for a mobile app by this link. For a website, the flowchart will look like this.
  • The example of Flowchart development (Appus designing).
  • The image of a piggy bank symbolizing savings from the free prototyping service.

Prototyping is a conditionally-free service

If further development services are ordered after the wireframes are created, we will provide a discount equal to the amount charged for the wireframes. So, the creation of the wireframes is a conditionally-free service.
Please pay attention that prototyping process does not include creation of UI design. Creation of UI design is a separate process that will be made during the next phase, along with the app development.

Get in touch with us to request prototyping services. Prototyping is a free of charge service if further product development will be ordered.

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