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App development methodology and work basis

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Fixed Price model

This model is preferable when you have accurate documentation for your project. Our team will work out the project specifications and create a list of milestones. Upon reaching each milestone, we will demonstrate the results for your review. As we don't request any pre-payments, after reviewing the demonstrated results you decide if the milestone is complete and then release the appropriate portion of funds.

Hourly Rate model

This basis is more suitable if you don't have full documentation for the project or if you plan to change it during the creation process. This approach is more flexible, as you are able to change the requirements for your project at any time. As the work progresses, our manager will provide work results and time-sheets on a weekly basis. Our team never requests pre-payments, so you release funds only after reviewing the work results and time-sheets.
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Conditionally-free documentation

If you decide to go with the Fixed Price model but don't have enough time to draw up the documentation, Appus team will be happy to help you! Our manager will clarify the most important questions by phone or email and generate documentation for your project. The documentation will consist of detailed wireframes for your app or website (see an example here). If you ask us to do further development, the fee we charge to create the documentation will be deducted from the development cost, which is why we call it 'conditionally-free'.

In-house team

We never outsource projects to third parties. All our developers are located in the same office, which means higher quality and faster turnaround. Our studio includes five departments:
  • iOS department
  • Android department
  • Web department
  • UI Design department
  • QA department
  • The Appus Studio team.
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Our team provides up to 6-months warranty on our work as we are confident that your product will be developed with the highest quality and produce the ideal user experience. If you find a bug or other issue with the UI, we will fix it and publish an updated application version in-store for free.