The last year pandemic had a tremendous impact on all spheres of our life. And the beauty industry was one of the most seriously affected segments. All salons closed for quarantine, and owners and beauty technicians were struggling to make sure that the business still has a future. If earlier beauty conferences and various industry events were a norm, not it became vital to find an efficient alternative for similar interaction. Luckily, we live in a digital era when each salon has a barbershop website and uses the best barbershop software. So, if actual services cannot be moved online, this idle time can be used for online communication and experience exchange. Here are some resources where you can share your expertise and ask other experts for professional advice.

Salon Today

This site is created with the purpose to connect and engage various specialists in the salon industry. It is an online forum where to will find access to many additional resources. The website offers a subscription feature, thanks to which you will receive updates of the latest news in the beauty industry. You will find a lot of useful materials on this site, for example, the How-To section. Here, you can raise any query regarding your beauty business and receive a response from professionals. Moreover, the platform organizes regular webinars devoted to all matters a hairstylist or a salon owner may face in their everyday work. Besides, the platform is a great place for career opportunities – you can find new talents here or offer your services.

If you use a management system for barbershop, you can launch similar online conferences for your masters or sign up all staff members to follow interesting updates and video tutorials.

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Salon Geek

This resource is an excellent place for chats and discussions of all things in the beauty industry. Here, you can connect with real people from all over the world to exchange your knowledge. The range of the discussion trends is impressive. You will be able to follow the industry news and events. Furthermore, you can simply find a lot of new acquaintances just for friendly communication. The forum has all topics conveniently grouped, and you will easily find both professional advice and casual interaction. There is also a job and equipment marketplace on the site, so you can sell or buy various things or look for employment opportunities.


Of course, the pandemic left us with very few chances for live communication. But BeautyUK forum will favorably compensate for this inconvenience. The site organizes various demonstrations and exhibitions in an online format. You will learn of the latest style trends, beauty and care products and much more. The platform also announces a lot of live shows, and you can book tickets to the events via the site. The world is doing all possible to return to the usual face-to-face interaction, and hopefully, all events will resume shortly. If you design an app for barbershop, you can connect your business to the portal and advertise your works and services too.

Summing up the above, you may still remain active in the beauty industry in the idlest times. Even beauty technicians can move some of their work online with proper barbershop software. Use the quarantine time efficiently – visit forums, launch a barbershop website, create an app for barbershop. It will help you keep up with the trends and novelties in the industry and reopen with new ideas. All these steps will significantly contribute to your performance once it is time to return again to the normal operational mode.