Graphic design creation services

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Icon design

Every app needs an appealing and memorable icon that attracts the attention of users and stands out on any device's home screen. Your app's icon is the first opportunity to communicate, and actually, it represents app's purpose. Also, it will appear throughout the system, such as in settings and search results.

Logo design

UI designers of Appus will create a unique logo for your company that is sympathetic to the ideas of your project and its features. This process includes creating an initial logo design, developing different concepts and choosing colors, themes and format.

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  • iPhone screen with the image designed by Appus team.

Mobile app design

Designing an outstanding, functional mobile application interface is the basis for each successful product. The experienced UI designers at Appus will generate exceptional ideas for the project, with unique design concepts that meet Google & Apple guidelines and rules.

Website design

Appus Studio designers can provide spectacular UI concepts and ideas to make your website work on both mobile devices and desktop computers using guidelines for Adaptive Layout.

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