Quaner - social app

Quaner video poster


Quaner – is a social application for Chinese people that is similar to Instagram, it allows people to share photos of their everyday life with their friends & other users. They can like & comment on images and communicate with each other using complementary services like WeChat and Weibo.


  • The logo of Amap Amap
  • Apache official logo Apache
  • Cocoa controls logo Cocoa controls
  • iOS official logo iOS
  • The icon for Laravel Laravel
  • Node icon Node
  • Objective-C icon Objective-C
  • Image for PHP PHP
  • The picture of PubNud logo PubNud
  • The illustration of Push notifications Push notifications
  • WeChat official logo WeChat
  • The picture of Weibo logotype Weibo
  • The logo of HTML5 language HTML 5
  • The image of JavaScript logo JavaScript

Project team

  • Caricature of Quality_assurance QA
  • Caricature of iOS developers iOS developers
  • Caricature of Project manager Project manager
  • Caricature of Backend developer Backend developer
  • Caricature of Frontend developers Frontend developers
Portfolio project image

Achieved results

  • Image for Backend Used backend service
  • Icon for Chats Integrated chats
  • The picture of iPhone screen with map. Integrated Apple/Google maps and code for geo position processing
  • PUSH notifications icon Integrated PUSH notifications
  • The icon for photo Integrated code for photo processing

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